Toddling over to Yoga success

As you can imagine, over the last two years I’ve tried numerous attempts at getting the little man interested in yoga, and aside from jumping on my back and making ‘clip-clop’ noises while I’m in plank or a downward facing dog, my efforts have been fruitless…until just recently.

Turning two years young, has meant he has a little more capacity for sitting down for a whole minute, and his attention span is improving day by day;)

This video captures Ogma and I doing ‘Fly like a Butterfly’. Of course, anything that involves music, singing and rolling around on the floor is now a huge hit! So all of of our songs, and some we’ve just simply made up, are now yoga songs, from row the boat, to incy-wincy spider and a little sing-song game we play called ‘We went to the wood today and saw…’ a jumping frog or a tall tree. I’m using any opportunity to get the yoga in.

Sound and movement can work wonders for those active little bodies and busy minds. Incorporating our yoga into the bedtime routine now means we are starting to get a daily practice going, but more importantly finding new ways to calm and ground at the end of the day.

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