Pregnancy_Yoga 450x450“Thank-you so much for all your help and support during yoga classes. They really have kept me going! All your advice really helped with issues that I suffered with in previous pregnancies, making this pregnancy much more bearable. The breathing techniques that I learnt with you turned out to be the only form of pain relief I managed to get during this labour too, given that it was all so quick and I was at home for most of it, so for that I’m incredibly grateful!”
PREGNANCY YOGA STUDENT: Sarah N, Mother of three, Croydon

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“I have had the good fortune of meeting Anita at her mixed yoga class, over the past couple of years. Her teaching has inspired me to carry on and persevere with yoga. I have a physically demanding job and exercising after work is not something I usually think of. Anita has brilliant teaching skills, she is articulate and fun and she manages to achieve that correct balance between meditation and physical movements. My joints have become more subtle, my range of movement has increased and my posture is now looking good. And most importantly I don’t get so stressed at work, I can step back and look at things in a different way.”     HATHA YOGA STUDENT: Clive, Handy Man, Brenchley

Pregnancy_Yoga 450x450MANDY’S BIRTH STORY: ‘I was awake out of bed having increasingly stronger contractions which I worked through using golden thread and various versions of positions we’ve practiced through yoga…One of the midwives asked if I had been practicing pregnancy yoga based upon my breathing technique and also said that she was confident I could manage the birth with these based on what she had seen and strength of contractions I had been having. This gave me a huge confidence boost… We were moved to a birthing room with a pool and just like the day before I calmed and relaxed so much more so than I was able to at home. I was using golden thread effectively for every contraction and using all the positions from the tool kit, birthing ball was very popular whilst leaning forward onto the bed as was the on hands and knees with one leg up kneeling rocking back and forth….I wanted to share this with you because I think it shows how powerful the yoga positions and breathing techniques are. Despite having to have gas and air right at the end I still feel I managed to have the natural birth that I wanted and I wanted to say thank you to you for this as this was achievable due to what I learnt in your classes.’    PREGNANCY YOGA STUDENT: Mandy, Mummy to baby Austin, Tunbridge Wells

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‘Unfortunately I will not be attending class this week as I gave birth to our little baby girl on Monday at 3:35am after only arriving at hospital at 3:10am! Such a quick,natural labour with gas and air and I used everything you taught me. Was a great help! We named her Scarlett & she weighed 8lb exactly. We are so in love with our bundle of joy. I wanted to thank you so much for everything, I will recommend your class at every opportunity I get.’

PREGNANCY YOGA STUDENT: Abigail, New Mummy, East Peckham

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‘Just to say thanks for the intro and although I had limitations, I am pleased to say I slept so well last night and some aches and pains had practically disappeared.’
BEGINNER YOGA STUDENT: Benita, New Yogi, East Peckham, Kent.
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‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic classes and for helping me to fall in love with yoga.’
BEGINNER YOGA STUDENT: Sam, New Yogi, Paddock Wood, Kent.