About Closing the Bones:

Closing the Bones is a postnatal recovery technique to close the body, both physically and energetically, following the opening up of the body during pregnancy and labour.

We close the bones of the pelvis in order to prevent any, or further, pelvic instability, and energy leaking. This ritual from Ecucador is a safe space for mothers to feel nurtured, to release emotions surrounding birth and motherhood. It stimulates blood flow, tones muscle and tissue, stimulates hormones and the immune system, moves fluids, cleans and renews.

The session includes the use of a rebozo (a scarf or shawl) to both sift/rock the pelvis and close the hip bones, as well as various massage techniques which use oil over the abdomen and pelvis.

It really is a wonderful technique both physically for drawing the body together in such a nurturing way, and spiritually for releasing emotions, particularly around child birth. We often refer to the hips in yoga as our emotional powerhouse.

Please note: Session includes abdominal massage from the pubic bone upwards (so there may be a little pubic hair in view but please do not feel the need to do any ‘tidying up’) .

Suitable for:

All women, and especially those who have given birth, either recently or many moons ago. In Ecuador women would have been given this massage within hours of giving birth and would continue to receive further sessions during the baby moon/first 40 days postpartum. The session is also offered to women who have birthed years ago, as well as women who have never birthed a baby.

Before booking Closing the Bones:

Please ensure that you are able to attend during the limited appointment times.

This is a one hour session, but please allow an hour and a half for your appointment. Ideally you will need someone to look after your baby/child during the treatment so that you can fully relax. However there is always enough time allocated to each appointment to stop to feed or cuddle babies.

Email yogawithanita1@gmail.com or call 07885 754556 or click the Book Now button below and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.


Investment: £50 per session, plus travel if outside Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells/more than a 10 mile radius of Paddock Wood. Please contact me for a travel cost if needed.


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