FAMILY YOGA workshop: an ideal opportunity to explore yoga with your children.


Saturday 1 June @12:30 – 1:30pm

Family Fun: for children aged 4 -12 years, with a parent or guardian: £12 for an adult and child, £6 per additional adult, £3 additional children
A workshop for children and adults to play and practice yoga together.

Family yoga includes:

·        Yoga postures suitable for children and adults to practice together.

·        Breathing and relaxation techniques that show you how to find your inner calm and focus.

·        A chance for family members to connect with each other and importantly, have fun together!


KIDS YOGA Timetable:

Private classes are available in Tonbridge, Kent & Surrey.


About Yoga for Kids:

Yoga for kids is great for soothing and stretching young bodies and minds. Come and explore yoga postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation in a non-competitive and fun environment.

These classes are based on my training with Jo Manuel, Founder of The Special Yoga Centre in London. Children of all ages are catered for with sensitivity and good humour, and given a safe and friendly space to explore their understanding of their bodies, emotions and thoughts about life.

Suitable for:

Children aged 4 +

Children with learning developmental needs are also encouraged to attend.

1-2-1 Children’s Yoga Therapy, Family Yoga classes and Group sessions for Youth Clubs, Brownies, Girl Guides, Scouts, Venturers, Children and Teens with disabilities are also available.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

There are numerous health benefits of Children’s Yoga:

Physical benefits:

  • Learn good posture and get more flexible
  • Breath deeper, feel happier and get healthier
  • Prevents sports injury and improves co-ordination and balance
  • Learn how to feel calmer, relax and sleep well

Emotional Benefits:

  • Build confidence, improve concentration, and feel good in yourself
  • Learn to manage your emotions and hormones, and to express yourself better
  • Feel safe and explore your feelings about life

This article in the Guardian national newspaper explains why yoga is so good for our children.

And this article on Yoga International’s website explains why yoga is also great for children with autism.


These are great relaxation or meditation exercises for children:

Mindfulness exercises for kids (and parents)