COMING SOON: Kids YOGA classes

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Just hanging in a squat
kids-yoga-croydon-west-wickham-downdog (2)
Rockin’ n rollin’ in Bow posture

PLEASE NOTE – CLASSES NO LONGER RUN IN CROYDON, BUT IN TONBRIDGE & TUNBRIDGE WELLS. I’m super-pleased to announce: NEW KIDS YOGA classes in Croydon! Thursday’s at 4pm for 3-7yr olds and 4.45pm for 8+ yrs old @ United Martial Arts Academy, Purley Oaks.

Yoga for kids is great for stretching young bodies and minds. Kids can explore yoga postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation in a non-competitive and fun environment. If you’ve ever wanted your child to take up yoga, then this is the perfect opportunity.

The United Martial Arts Academy is a great, fully-equipped venue, close to the centre of Croydon. For children already involved in martial art disciplines, or other sports, yoga is  a complimentary activity that will help your child:

Physical benefits:

  • Learn good posture and get more flexible
  • Breath deeper, feel happier and get healthier
  • Prevents sports injury and improves co-ordination and balance
  • Learn how to feel calmer, relax and sleep well

Emotional Benefits:

  • Build confidence, improve concentration, and feel good in yourself
  • Learn to manage your emotions and hormones, and to express yourself better
  • Feel safe and explore your feelings about life