A horse and carriage?…. so what’s the big deal with Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnant women and yoga go together like…. mittens and scarves. They’re like old friends that understand each other well. They were meant to be together! Quite simply, they compliment one another perfectly.

Then how does yoga benefit women in pregnancy?

Yoga is a system of techniques for stilling the body and mind. During pregnancy, yoga can show you how to rest and restore your body, help calm an an overactive mind, lay pregnancy or birthing fears to rest by equipping you with the knowledge and therefore power to take control of your pregnancy… and your birth scenario. It also works brilliantly at building muscle tone and strength for both labour and motherhood! All the adapted positions used in pregnancy yoga and the techniques of breathing, relaxation, meditation can help ease the journey of a pregnant woman as well as a labouring woman.

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